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Our combination patch monitor provides the diagnostic yield of both Holter and Telemetry Monitors, eliminating the need for separate units. These micro-monitors send tracings to the cloud without the need to carry separate cellular devices.

End Results

AR+TEC Patch Monitors provide 6 leads of ECG in real-time with the ability to switch tests remotely. We offer optional advanced data such as sleep apnea reports, ANS reports, SA ECG reports and T-wave

alternans. Hospitals can use this monitor to extend their bedside Telemetry Units in times of crisis.

Return on Relationship

AR+TEC Patch Monitors meet requirements to bill both CPT and APC codes. By billing globally AR+TEC will increase your

profits without a capital investment. Practices can utilize your current staff to scan reports, or outsource to our highly trained professionals.

 Benefits of Arrhythmitec Cardiac Patch Monitoring

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Charlotte, NC 28277

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