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Why Arrhythmitec Patch Monitors? 


About our micro monitors.

Our wearable cardiac devices provide the highest and most comprehensive ECG yield directly to physicians. The size of a pack of gum, our system eliminates the need for lead wires and additional cellular devices. Results transmit in real-time to our Telemetry Receiving Center where they are reviewed and analyzed immediately. All ECG data is further reanalyzed in Holter ensuring the most comprehensive results in the market. 

Providing patient convenience and

a streamlined process for your practice.

artecmonitor-28 copy.jpg

Most MCT Systems rely on 1-2 Leads to analyze the ECG and detect arrhythmia. AR+TEC Patch Monitors benefit from a reanalysis of the telemetry ECG using a 6 lead Holter

to verify unclear data and avoid


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By being able to remotely monitor

Holter patients in real time, AR+TEC 

can scan reports without the patient returning to the office. After reviewing the report, the ordering physician can extend the monitor to Telemetry or longer-term Holter. 

Financial Benefits 

AR+TEC meets requirements to bill

both CPT and APC codes. Providers 

can bill globally, there is no capital investment in turn relieving patients from 3rd party burdens.

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