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Professional Component Billing 

Most doctors only bill for the professional components of heart monitoring, making it a loss leader for the practice.



Holter Hook-Up/Interp.     $40

Telemetry Interpretation    $30

Cardiac Event Monitor        $35

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AR+TEC Global Billing Opportunity

By leasing AR+TEC Monitors, providers will have the ability to bill globally, turning your monitoring program into a large profit center for the practice. 

Example of Global Billing:

Holter                   $150-200

14 Day Holter      $300-400

Telemetry            $700-800

Cardiac Event      $200-300

ANS CPT              $75-150

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Unmatched Diagnostic Yield

AR+TEC provides the opportunity for 6 Lead ECG Reporting. We also offer optional reporting at no cost, including: ST Segment, P Wave Analysis, and Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Analysis and sleep apnea.

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